Boxed Reprap Design 0.3

Here's screenshots of latest version of the boxed RepRap design I've been working on. It has some major differences from the last version, such as a completely mobile toolhead platform, and a fixed bed. The electronics were also moved on top instead of underneath.

First an overview shot:

A 50*50 cm acrylic door covers the front. The upper front panel hides the electronics, and can have holes added for status LEDs and the like.

The top also contains the plastic feedstock, and has room for additions (such as a small dust extraction system for milling for example). The heat generated by the electronics and the ATX power source is fed into the box, to help keep up the ambient temperature to enable warp-free printing.

The above picture shows the Y assembly, sliding back and forth on skateboard bearings running along aluminum L beams.
The X assembly.

And the Z assembly, without mounting holes for the toolhead yet. I was thinking of some kind of automatic head switching system, but decided to just build for manual switching using wingnuts to start with.

In total, the effective work area is around 30*30*15 cm, and the external dimension is around 50*60*60 cm.

I've got the tools and materials (although the Plywood I got is a bit bad quality - don't use class C and D plywood for this kind of projects), so I'll start cutting up and putting together the pieces now.

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