Playing With Procedural Textures and Code Generation

I'm working at a procedural texture system for Skycastle at the moment. The intent is partly to get a useful and fun texturing tool to play with, and partly to create a spike for exploring what a more generic component oriented procedural content editor should be like.

Based on some initial tests that just calculated random pixel values, it soon became evident that having components calculate the values and request calculated values from other components would be quite slow, so I decided to explore on-the-fly code generation. Janino seems to be one of the established libraries in this area. Janino has the advantage of not needing the Java compiler (which is only available in the JDK, not the JRE), instead it actually implements a large subset of a Java compiler.

Currently I'm doing some prototyping on what generated code would look like (by just writing it out by hand). An interesting looking result obtained with four sin functions and some constant parameters for them is shown in the screenshot. It is still slow (about 5 seconds for a medium size window on my T60 laptop), so I was thinking of including the whole pixel iteration loop in the generated code, to eliminate any method calls for each pixel.

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