Vector graphics figure for isometric game

Here's the result of some experimentation with using vector graphics for rendering player figures.

It composes the figure from 'bone' shapes that are basically a line with rounded ends, where each end may have a different thickness. It also has a cell shading like shadow on one side, and antialiased highlight and shadow outlines (this helps to hide the otherwise quite jagged polygon outlines). The cell shading is just going down the middle of the bone currently, it will probably look better once it is bent a bit to either side.

I'm planning to divide the arms and legs still so that the figure has elbow and knee joints, and add hands and feet (I already did a test of a rotating arm with a hand earlier, and it looked nice).

For the head, I was thinking of drawing eyes, eyebrows, and mouth on it with simple antialiased lines. The hair could probably be approximated with a few polygons.

On the skirt front and back a custom bitmap image will be pasted, using a skewed bitmap renderer similar to what is used for walls.

So far I'm pretty happy with the result, with a bit of tweaking it should be a passable cartoon like figure. The next step is to figure out how to animate it..

2 comments :: Vector graphics figure for isometric game

  1. :-)

  2. That is incredibly cool. I found your stuff by chance - I'm bored and thinking about how isometric engines are programmed. Vectors + isometric stuff = epiphany. Beautiful. Your flowers are awesome, and the guy is really nice.