Setting Up Skycastle Project Infrastructure, Take Two

Update: I recently moved the Skycastle website hosting to, as sourceforge was slow and a bit unpractical to use for a mediawiki.

In my first blog entry from end of 2005 I was looking for a hosting and wiki solution for the Skycastle project. I've settled for using SourceForge for hosting, after they started to support SVN.

However, I hadn't really set up any satisfactory wiki for the project. I've been using Mediawiki a bit over at the WorldForge wiki, and really like it's advanced features.

I finally spent last Sunday setting it up on Sourceforge - it is actually possible, although it requires some work (like writing a database driven mail sending script, as direct mailing from web applications on SourceForge is not allowed - I still have to do that).

There are various instructions on the net for how to set it up, although they are not very clear or complete in all cases (on Mediawiki help pages, on László Monda's page).

As an aside, SourceForge also seems to offer a wiki solution now, but it didn't look too impressive - it seems to lack categories, templates, and a lot of other useful things found in Mediawiki. Running Mediawiki also allows me to tune its appearance so that it can be used as a respectable homepage for the project.

Google Summer Of Code - 3D Rendering Pipeline for Geotools

I'm participating in the Google Summer of code program this summer, working on a 3D renderer for Geotools.

This will be a good opportunity to get familiar with the Geotools library - it might be usable for storing geographical data in Skycastle. I'll also try to make the 3D rendering pipeline usable for real time low altitude rendering with relatively high detail - usable for games, as well as various interactive geographical visualization applications.