Setting things up

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I'm planning to use this blog to publish news related to the Skycastle project, as well as general ideas about virtual world coding, design and anything tangentially relevant, such as AI, computer graphics, or software development processes.

(Skycastle is an attempt to build an open source MMORPG engine in Java. More on it in later posts and on the wiki.)

I'm currently in the process of selecting wiki and source hosts for Skycastle. I have been keeping the code on SourceForge, but as CSV requires a network connection to add or remove files it makes it impractical to edit the source on a laptop while commuting as I do currently, so I have been looking at JavaForge (they provide subversion support). (EDIT: Now that SourceForge also provides SVN, I'm staying there).

The wiki at JavaForge didn't look too impressive though, so I'm considering either using wikispaces or my own server machine (which is on a relatively slow ADSL line). I'm leaning towards wikispaces currently. (EDIT: I'm currently planning to run a Mediawiki on SourceForge instead)

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  1. Hans,

    We'd be glad to have you as part of the community and let us know if we can help.


  2. Hi,

    I bet it's eXtremely cold in Finland. Ouch, couldn't restist the (very) little joke.